About faculcy

Faculty was formed in 2005 and provides training for the qualification levels of bachelor's and master's degrees in specialist areas of expertise:

  • system science and cybernetics;
  • Informatics and Computer Science;
  • radio, radio sets and communication;
  • automation and control;
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Electronic devices
  • Higher Mathematics and Informatics
  • Information and Control Systems
Students: 800
Learning: full
Science, computer engineering, radio sets, automation and computer-integrated technologies, computer science.
Computers, computer systems and networks, production of electronic means (specialization - electronic devices banking systems and information security), biotech and medical devices and systems, electronic household equipment, automation and computer integrated technology and computer science.
Computerization of all spheres of human activity and society, the creation and use of software andexperimental of theoretical research in mathematics, computer science, programming and computer science, design, operation and maintenance of computer systems and networks, production of computers and other information processing equipment creation of the system software, work with databases, calculation, design, diagnosis and repair of electronic equipment, including biotech and medical devices and systems, consumer electronics, banking machines and systems to protect facilities and information in information systems and technologies as well as in the automation of manufacturing systems.
Faculty of Electronics and com-aided engineering is the youngest faculty of the University and it is quite natural, since all areas of training our students departments focused on modern high technology, both in terms of information, and in a constructive, productive and others.
Meanwhile, the Faculty is the oldest, because of them began the formation of the institution itself. First of all, it is of the "Electronic devices", which started its history in 1964 as the department "Electrical disciplines", turning after separation of the "Automation of production processes and robotics" in the chair "Electrical and Electronics" and then - in releasing Department of "Electronic devices". This department "Computer Information Systems", which is also formed from former employees of the "Electrical disciplines" this chair "Informatics and higher mathematics", formed from the pulpit, "Higher Mathematics", without which there is no school. In this anniversary year the faculty added a new powerful scientific potential for the Department "Information and Control Systems."
At the current time faculty is one of the largest in the University, where he taught about 700 full-time students who are preparing for the educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Each department is preparing graduate students trained doctoral students. So provided continuous training at all levels in three areas: computer engineering, electronic devices and Computers.
Scientists departments successfully conduct research on the most promising current directions, held annually Scientific Conference "Physical processes and fields of technical and biological objects," which last year acquired international status.